Founded in 1956



St. Francis’ Fortuna was started by the Reverend Ken Samuelson. Reverend Samuelson along with Reverend J. Thomas Lewis, from Christ Church in Eureka, also helped organize the missions of St. Andrew’s in Redway; St. Alban’s in Arcata; and St. Paul’s in Crescent City.


Around that same time the 7th Day Adventists in Fortuna had outgrown their building (the building is believed to have been built in 1886) and offered it for sale for $25,000. On May 10th ,1956 (it happened to be Mother’s Day), a group of interested parishioners along with Father Samuelson held a meeting at what is now St. Francis’ Church located at 16th & L Streets in Fortuna.


The church was remodeled to be handicapped accessible and more welcoming in 2013. St. Francis' congregation recently celebrated it's 60th anniversary with a special service, supper, and the creation of a timeline. Come and see where you fit in!


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St. Francis Episcopal Church 568 16th Street Fortuna, CA 95540 • (707) 725 - 4686 • email: St.FrancisFortuna@gmail.com


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