Saint Clare, speaking to herself, said to her soul:

Go now, it is quite safe to leave,
For you have a good guide for the journey;
Go now, for he who created you
Has also made you holy;
He has always kept you safe
And loved you with a tender love,
As a mother loves her son.
Be blessed, O Lord, for creating me!


A symbol of the lord Jesus as the Redeemer of the sins of the world. It signifies victory over death.


Represents the labor in the vineyard signifying the work of good Christians in the vineyard of the Lord; the vine or leaf is used as an emblem of the Savior, the ‘true vine.


Is the symbol of perfect righteousness, it represents the good words of the righteous or the fruits of the spirit.


The strawberry is shown accompanied by violets to suggest the truly spiritual are always humble.


Is the symbol of purity and is used as an attribute of the virgin Saint Clare, and the virtue of chastity. “He who feeds the birds of the air and gives nourishment to the lilies of the field will not leave you in want of clothing or of food until He comes Himself to minister to you for eternity.”


Saint Clare while bedridden ordered her cats to, “bring me that cloth across the room and do not drag it upon the floor like that.”


Is used as a symbol for Saint Francis, whose love of all creatures inspired Saint Clare.


On Palm Sunday of 1212 Clare went to the cathedral of Assisi. At the Blessing of the Palms shyness kept Clare back. The bishop saw it and came from the altar to give her a branch. She took this as a sign of God’s mission for her.


Saint Clare has a gentle love of flowers. In a hut of branches in “the tiny garden” at San Daminao in Assisi, Saint Clare nursed the last illness of Saint Francis.


The lamb symbolizes Jesus, the Lamb of God, the sheep symbolizes the faithful. It also stands for the ever watchful parent.


“Go forth in peace, for you have followed the good road”

photo by Mitch Gregory