Mission Committee

The Mission Committee is a governing board for the church.  Members are elected by the congregation to serve as leaders for a host of spiritual and administrative duties.  The Mission Committee generally meets on a monthly basis with the Priest in Charge and a formal agenda.  During Covid-19, the Mission Committee has been meeting online via Zoom.  However, everyone is welcomed to attend.  Contact Mtr. Geri if you would like the link to a meeting.  The Senior Warden, is appointed by the priest and the Junior Warden is elected.  Currently, the Clerk is an appointed/voluntary position and not a voting member of the Mission Committee. Our current Senior Warden is Fannette Downie-Allman, the Junior Warden is Helen Winfrey, the clerk is former Senior Warden Anne Wade.  Other members at large are John Lucas and Esther Hutton.